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AV Endeavors is a Media Production Agency based in Chicago, IL. Some more about us: we were founded in 2015 by Peter Dolan, a 20-year veteran of the corporate and industrial video industry. Our work ranges from marketing communications to events and conference media. We provide audio and video production and post-production services, writing and producing, or any other need you may have for your project or marketing campaign.

Whether you need us to seamlessly partner with your internal departments or outside vendors, or need us to deliver the full service experience, AV Endeavors is here to help!

About Us – Chicago-based Video Production and Post-Production


CEO, Producer / Director


Peter’s earliest inspiration in film-making began with his parent’s 8mm camera when he was in middle school, taping Christmas mornings and sporting events, choir concerts and family vacations.  He began working in video production in 2002, first participating in a 24-hour film festival, a low-budget feature length film, and working on corporate video projects, largely in a freelance capacity.

From 2011-2015, he was a partner with three others of a small, Chicago-based media agency.  In 2015, he left the organization and began AV Endeavors; and since, he manages a base of video production and post-production clients, and has built a nationwide network of freelancers, agency partners, and project and resource coordination.


We all have to work to make a living. And since work is minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour, and day-by-day, we believe it’s important to love what you do.  Our drive is not recognition, awards, or prestige.  We do this because we love the work, telling stories, capturing moments, and seamless presentation, all while providing the best in service.

We believe that professionalism and competence in the craft should be givens when hiring an agency.  What sets us apart is the mindset, experience, and customer-focused perspective we provide.

A quality experience for our clients is one of our most sacred tenets. We are easy to talk to and even easier to work with. Collaboration is one of our strongest attributes, and we endeavor to excel at it.


View more samples of our work here, along with case studies from some of our range of experiences.



Need help with your video project, marketing campaign, or capturing your presentations or live events? Get in touch with us, and we’ll be happy to help!